Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting Brisbane


Fresh paint to your home or business exterior could bring eye-catching new interest and visual appeal to your property. Exterior paint not only brings added appeal, but also acts as a protective coating between your property and the Australian weather. 


When working with professional painters, like Sardar Painting Services, you know you will be getting premium long-lasting quality at an affordable price.


Although you may want to take on exterior painting on your own to save money, we know it will cost you more in the long run.

At Sardar, we have experience working across Brisbane to deliver quality exterior painting services that last. You can rest assured knowing that we will: 

– Protect your outdoor furniture and garden

– Choose the right paint for your property

– Clean and sand your surfaces for an even coating

– Paint with great attention to detail 

– Clean up to leave it better than we started


Weather won’t stop us


Over our years of experience working in Brisbane and Queensland, we have become trusted experts in painting with changing weather conditions. Our recommendation is to always paint during times when it is less humid. But we understand our clients have expected timelines, and we are prepared with the right equipment to get the job done despite potential changes in weather.